Unlock the Potential of Your Loft Space with ecoTrus Loft Conversion System

Are you looking to add more living space to your property? Look no further than the ecoTrus loft conversion system! Add more space without the hassle and disruption of a traditional extension.

Unlock the Potential of Your Loft Space

ecoTrus System is a patented galvanised steel superstructure that makes loft conversions quick, simple, and affordable. Unlike traditional methods, ecoTrus doesn't require extensive building work, meaning less mess, less stress, and less time spent.

The Benefits of ecoTrus Loft Conversions System

Quick and Easy Installation: ecoTrus can be installed in just a few days, minimising disruption to your home.
Minimal Mess: The dry construction method used by ecoTrus means less dust and debris, making it a cleaner and more pleasant experience.
Cost-Effective: ecoTrus is a more affordable alternative to traditional loft conversions, thanks to its efficient design and installation process.

Ready to Transform Your Loft?

Lightweight and Strong: The galvanised steel superstructure is lightweight yet incredibly strong, providing a safe and secure living space. Versatile Design: ecoTrus can be adapted to suit a variety of loft conversion projects, from simple loft conversions to more complex extensions.

Ready to Transform Your Loft?

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What We Are Really Good At

Full Dormer and Cottage Dormer Loft Conversion System

Installing a full-width or cottage dormer using the ecoTrus System maximises every square metre of the loft, extending further than bulky conventional methods. The dormer is constructed in panel form, allowing quick and easy assembly with prefabricated door and window openings.

Duo Pitch Loft Conversion System

The ecoTrus System allows trussed lofts to be easily converted, giving you more usable space than traditional RSJs and timber. The System means you can open a loft to its full potential without changing the exterior roofline – in a few days! The system is fully compatible with Velux Windows.

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion System

A new structure is added that uses the entire footprint of the property. The Gable end is built from panels, and a brand-new roof and dormer are completed. The ecoTrus System takes less time than the traditional construction method and is less disruptive.

Storage Purposes Loft Conversion System

ecoTrus can supply kits for converting fink trusses into storage spaces with loading of 1.5kn. This means every low loft can be converted with an ecoTrus System for storage purposes, passed by building control.

Ready to Get Started?

With the ecoTrus System, you can convert as much or as little as you like, faster than older methods, with no need for any disruptive work on the floor below, allowing family life to continue undisturbed.